What Are RSS Feeds and RSS Channels?

So you want to know what an RSS Feed is? Well you have come to the right place. I have been working with a lot of different technologies to do with RSS Feeds recently and I am so exited about the power of using these methods. I will give a brief overview of what this service is and how you can use this service to promote website and actually build content for a website in this article. I will be sharing more in the next few articles on how to really use the complete power of these methods to develop massive back links and spread your content across the internet with the least amount of effort and the most return!RSS – Really Simple SyndicationIs a internet service that has been around for years now, but has really been picking up in popularity, as the technology has matured with the new Web 2.0 sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. So RSS, as stated above stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it allows a website to give a live stream of updates in a format that can be used in your web browser, email client or on your favorite news reader application. This simply means that you can get all of the updates from your favorite websites in one place, instead of having to go to each website to see if there are any new posts or articles.If you want to see an example of a rss feed, just go to feedburner, this is a Google site and it is used to track and promote your RSS feeds. Just type “Feed Burner” into Google and it will be the first link. You can search others RSS Feeds Here and see what “exactly” an RSS feed is.Normal RSS feeds only have 2 different data fields a Title and a Short Description. There are some specialized feeds that allow for attachments of videos or podcasts as well. Depending on the web service you are using to create your feed you may be able to use links within the feed or not.Some popular RSS models are:RSS .091
RSS 1.0
RSS 2.0
Atom .03
OPMLRSS Feeds are a great way to get your information out to the world and if you do not have a mailing list on your site anybody can subscribe to your website updates using it. So this in mind, I highly suggest using this service on your web site or web sites.To Success,Nick Simpson

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